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How to play


Shift the infield to cover all your bases!

Learn the basics

Play the tutorial for an intro to the basics of the game: running, pitching, and fielding. Plus, learn how to read the Swing Zone while batting!

Choose your team

There are 18 playable characters, so check their stats, pick your teammates, then assign positions like team captain and assistant captain.

Hit the field

Adjust your batting order and set your teammates’ positions on the field. Ready? Play ball!

Game-winning strategies

Press the A Button for a Power Swing (more powerful but harder to hit) or the B Button for a Contact Swing (less powerful but easier to hit).

Bring a relief pitcher in for a pitcher whose stamina is getting low. Their stamina will slowly recover while playing in another position.

Your pitching Special Move will increase ball velocity and throw the batter’s timing off. Use it only in critical situations!

amiibo cards

Play as the powered-up version of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters with Mario Sports Superstars series amiibo cards!

Baseball Superstars

Tap in up to 3 compatible amiibo™ cards and defeat the boss in the Road to Superstar mode to unlock the Superstar version of that character.