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How to play


Pick the perfect club and swing for a hole-in-one!

Learn the basics

Run through the simple tutorial with Toad to learn how to set up your shot and take a swing.

Choose your player character

You can choose from 18 playable characters, so be sure to first check their stats on distance, sweet spot, and control.

Hit the links

In single-player Tournament mode, you’ll start off against one opponent in a 3-hole match. Change clubs with the tap of a button!

Game-winning strategies

Switch to a Power Shot to give your shot added distance. But use them wisely, since you only have a few!

Balls won’t roll as far in the rain. Hit the ball a little harder when it’s raining than when it’s clear.

Ready to improve your game? Check How to Play in the menu for details on adding spin to your shot with a manual swing.

amiibo cards

Play as the powered-up version of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters with Mario Sports Superstars series amiibo cards!

Golf Superstars

Tap in up to 3 compatible amiibo™ cards and defeat the boss in the Road to Superstar mode to unlock the Superstar version of that character.