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How to play

Horse Racing

*Mario Sports debut*

Train, customize, and bond with your favorite horses.

Care for your horse

Choose a horse from the stable, then feed it, pet it, clean it, and take it for walks to find items like food, coins, and fun accessories.

Choose a rider

Compare each playable character’s stats (like Speed and Stamina), then pick the right one to race your horse in competition.

Race for the crown

Steer, boost, and jump your way to victory on beautiful courses like Green Farm and Cobalt Lake.

Game-winning strategies

Your horse will recover more stamina if it’s surrounded by other horses. Getting too big a lead can slow you down in the long run!

Collect 5 stars to fill one charge on your Star Gauge and carrots to restore stamina during the race.

Trigger a Star Dash to run on the outer edge of a course without slowing down. This is a great way to discover shortcuts!

amiibo cards

Play as the powered-up version of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters with Mario Sports Superstars series amiibo cards!

Horse Racing Superstars

Tap in up to 3 compatible amiibo™ cards and defeat the boss in the Road to Superstar mode to unlock the Superstar version of that character.