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How to play


It’s game, set, and match on the tennis court!

Learn the basics

Play through a fun tutorial as Toad shows you how to serve the ball, get to the lob, and finish the point with a powerful Jump Shot!

Choose your character

With 18 playable characters to choose from, you can pick one who has the skills you need—from speed to defense to all-around awesomeness.

Hit the court

Face your opponent on the tennis court! You’ll win the match if you are the first player to win the chosen number of sets.

Game-winning strategies

Match your shot to the colored Chance Area when it appears on your side of the court to increase the shot’s effectiveness.

You can use a jump shot to increase speed and bounce, but it’s difficult to control—you can’t aim for the corners!

Successfully taunt your opponent before they hit a ball to increase your own shot strength.

amiibo cards

Play as the powered-up version of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters with Mario Sports Superstars series amiibo cards!

Tennis Superstars

Tap in up to 3 compatible amiibo™ cards and defeat the boss in the Road to Superstar mode to unlock the Superstar version of that character.